It’s Time to Finally Make Your Site Accessible Without Letting Tech Hold You Back

Everyone tells you that you need to be able to code, but I’m here to shake things up a bit.

Because I know that as a new WordPress user, you’ve probably already tried:

Playing around with color

Changing your padding and margins

Changed your font sizes

That’s exactly why I created the

How to make my WordPress Site Mobile Friendly and Accessible Course

It’s the answer for people who want to level up their design, reach a wider audience and make the Search Engines happy! 

Inside the course, you’ll:

Learn to choose colors and fonts that are high contrast and legible

Learn to make your site look good on mobile devices

Learn to reach a whole new group of customers by making your site accessible to them

You’ll never lose readers again because once you jump in, you’ll finally be able to:

Make your site look great no matter what device they're using

Make your site accessible to everyone, including people with visual, congnitive and mobility issues

Make your site search engine friendly ( Google loves responsive, accesssible sites!)

And.... it's FREE!

Hey there, I’m Diane

And I help WordPress users with making their websites responsive and accessible even if they are brand new to WordPress.

As a WordPress designer and developer for the past 20 (yikes!) years, I can help you to edit your site quickly and painlessly!

So if you’re ready to gain more readers and optimize your website, I’m ready to teach you how.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you get when you sign up for the How to make my WordPress site mobile friendly and accessible course:

Module 1

Overlapping benefits

How accessibility and responsiveness go hand in hand

Module 2

How to Make my site more accessible?

Using the customizer, plugins and alt text to make your site accessible

Module 3

Testing Mobile responsiveness and accessibility

A walkthrough of an actual site and the elements to use to make it responsive

So if today’s the day that you’ll finally stop driving people away from your site and start reaching a whole new audience...

…then I’m ready to celebrate with you!

Grab the FREE course now!